Who is behind the Private Label Podcast?

All across the globe, there is a new generation of entrepreneurs. Brave individuals that have left their corporate world, and set out on their own to build and grow an empire. Who are these amazing individuals? They are private label business owners.

When most hear the term "private label" they think of the big box brands' own label of ibuprofen or cold medicine. They think Trader Joe's store brand or Costco's Kirkland Signature. However, what you may not realize is that today their are tens of thousands of people building their own blockbuster private label businesses out of their living room or garage. Some will strike out, and some will become millionaires and billionaires.

How do I know this? I am one of them. My name is Kevin Rizer, and I am a private label entrepreneur. Just over a year ago I left the corporate world and started a consulting firm. In a few months I had built up a clientele and replaced my six-figure salary, but I was miserable. I was still a slave to the clock, and trading minutes for dollars. I knew I wanted something more.

After hearing about the physical products private label space, and how many were starting successful businesses with their own brand of products, I read every book I could find. I took some classes, including some very expensive ones. I began networking with others that were in the business, and I dove in head first. I did not leave my consulting business right away, because I will admit I was skeptical. I needed a backup plan.

In August of 2014 my first product went live, and what a ride it has been since then! Today my business features 3 products and does nearly $100,000 per month in gross sales. New products and new brands are in the works. I have an amazing group of colleagues and friends in the industry, and frequently travel to attend trade shows and conventions. I LOVE this business, more than anything I have ever done. For a serial entrepreneur like me, this is saying a lot.

I also enjoy working with other private label entrepreneurs through masterminds, and consulting engagements. I have a partnership with two other extremely successful private label brand owners that allows us to work with and coach others in this industry.

I started this podcast because I felt their was a need for accurate, timely and inspiring information in our space. My goal for the show is not to be the expert, but rather to bring the experts to you. I believe we can learn best by hearing from, being inspired by and following in the footsteps of those in our business that are already doing and achieving what we hope to do and achieve.

Each week on the Private Label Podcast, we will talk about changes and trends in the industry, and then dive into an in-depth interview with a successful private label entrepreneur. These individuals in most cases are doing more than $50,000 in sales per month with their own brand. Together, we will learn what has worked, what hasn't - and be inspired to take action to improve our own businesses.

Whether you are new to the private label space, or are a seasoned pro, I welcome you with open arms! I look forward to engaging with you as we work to Build an Empire!

- Kevin Rizer

Host, Private Label Podcast