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  1. Episode Listen & learn 67

    Listen & Learn 67 This 1 Thing May Be Killing Your Conversion Rate on Amazon!

    On this episode, Kevin discusses one of the top conversion rate killers for Amazon sellers and how to quickly fix it. Here's a hint: it has to do with customer questions and answers.

  2. Episode 182

    Episode 182 Lessons From Importing 40,000 Products from China - with Jason Kole

    On this episode of Private Label Podcast, listen to the amazing story of Kole Imports, a small family-run company that went from selling goods out of the trunk of a car to a massive import business that currently has 10,000 items and has sourced 40,000 in the past three decades.

  3. Episode 181

    Listen & Learn 66 Do These 3 Things to Increase Product Reviews

    In this episode, Kevin shares three easy tricks to increase the number of product reviews you're getting for your products.

  4. Episode episode 180

    Episode 180 Using the Power of Video to Explode Your Private Label Sales - with Eric Winchester

    This year has been called "The Year of the Video" by leading online ecommerce publications and marketing experts. On this episode, Kevin welcomes founder of StoryCraft Productions and video marketing expert Eric WInchester onto the show to talk about using the power of video to increase sales of physical products.

  5. Episode episode 179

    Listen & Learn 65 Avoiding Long Term Storage Fees 101

    Are you about to get hit with thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars in long-term storage fees? In this episode, Kevin explains what long-term storage fees are, how to find out if you're at risk, and ideas for avoiding these profit-killing fees.