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  1. Episode episode 172

    Episode 172 Meet the Founder of Flexport, the "Uber" of Freight Forwarding - Ryan Petersen

    Ryan Petersen speaks four languages, and in his early twenties moved to Asia to find ways to grow his import business -- but that's not even the most interesting thing about him. In this episode, Kevin sits down with the founder of FlexPort to learn more about the ways this innovative company is turning the freight forwarding business on its head, and providing a unique value proposition for clients both large and small.

  2. Episode episode 171

    Listen & Learn 61 How to Get Well Known Brands to Beg You to Sell Their Product on Amazon

    How would you like to have well-known brands beg you to sell their products on Amazon. Better yet, how would you like to receive a piece of every transaction for a well known brand on Amazon? In this episode, Kevin discusses an incredible way he does just that -- allowing him to continue diversifying his business, and how you can too.

  3. Episode episode 170

    Episode 170 Creating a $10 Million a Year Amazon Business in 3 Years with Dan and Eric

    Dan and Eric sell around $10M per year on Amazon after just three years in business. On this episode, Kevin gets an update on their business, and discusses his own progress after deciding to expand into wholesale six months ago.

  4. Episode episode 169

    Listen & Learn 60 The Gratitude List

    Gratitude can play an incredibly powerful role in shaping our mindset, and allowing us to take advantage of all of the opportunity right in front of us. On this episode, Kevin shares a simple strategy to help you harness the gratitude already inside you to make the most of the opportunity around you.

  5. Episode episode 168

    Episode 168 The Best of Private Label Podcast 2016 Show #2 - Dan Meadors, Kevin King, Mark Hirsch, Andrew Sanocki, Gil Lang, Shawn Hart, Gianni Munday and More!

    On this episode, we're continuing our look back at some of our favorite moments from 2016 on the Private Label Podcast. Take a trip back with us in this special episode. From all of us here at the show, Happy New Year!