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Latest podcast episodes

  1. Episode 129

    Listen and Learn 40 FREE Shipping Offers with Merchant Fulfilled

    If you sell merchant fulfilled via Amazon, try this simple hack to explode your sales on these SKU's. Kevin also discusses upcoming changes and a new program available to merchant fulfilled sellers in this episode.

  2. Episode 128

    Episode 128 Getting Into Retail with Timothy Bush

    For most private label entrepreneurs, the idea of getting their product on the shelf in big box retail stores is awe-inspiring. In this episode, Kevin chats with Timothy Bush of TLB Consulting about what it takes to make it big time, in big box retail.

  3. Episode 127

    Listen and Learn 39 Setting Up a Messaging Template to Streamline Communication with Buyers

    Whether you have one product or 100, it's important to have consistent customer communications. On today's podcast, Kevin walks your through the steps to set up your own customer message templates in Seller Central.

  4. Episode 126

    Episode 126 Cameron Allen - Covering Your A$$ets with Product Liability Insurance

    If you sell physical products, you need product liability insurance. In this episode, Kevin invites his own broker, Cam Allen from Veracity Insurance Solutions, onto the show to discuss all things product liability. You won't want to miss it!

  5. Episode 125

    Listen and Learn Session 38 - Meet Your Canadian Hijacker

    If you have not looked at the Canadian market for your product, you might just be missing sales that are made by a hijacker! You might increase your bottom line by diversifying into Canada.