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  1. Episode Bradley Houshour

    Episode 146 Veteran Uses Pride and Determination to Source in the US and Paves the Way for Private Label Success

    Ever think it would be cool to build a brand and source your products in the US? For many, this dream is quickly crushed by the realization that it's just too expensive to do so. On today's show, Kevin talks with Brad Houshour of Manmug.com, who has been able to do just that! Find out the steps he took to put his veteran-owned company on the fast track to success by overcoming the odds and sourcing in the US.

  2. Episode My Take on Recent Changes (Incentivized Reviews)

    Listen and Learn 48 My Take on Recent Changes (Incentivized Reviews)

    Amazon dropped a bombshell last week when they announced that "incentivized reviews", that is reviews left as a result of a discounted or free product, are now banned. On this episode, Kevin share's his take, including what is now clear, what is not clear, and a revised launch strategy taking into account these recent changes.

  3. Episode Nathan Hirsch

    Episode 144 Outsourcing Like a BOSS with Nathan Hirsch of Freeeup

    Nathan Hirsch is the founder of Freeeup, a company that makes outsourcing for entrepreneurs easy and hassle free. After founding an e-commerce business in college, Nathan found himself making more money than he ever imagined, but also overwhelmed. In this episode he discusses the ins and outs of outsourcing with Kevin. A must-listen for your growing e-commerce business.

  4. Episode Episode 143

    Listen and Learn 47 3 Simple Tips to Catapult Your Private Label Sales

    In this episode, Kevin shares three simple tips to grow your private label business. Take a quick listen, and watch your sales increase.

  5. Episode Episode 142

    Episode 142 Double Your Private Label Sales in 12 Months with Drew Sanocki of Nerd Marketing

    Retail veteran Andrew Sanocki sold his first e-commerce business to investors in 2011 after eight successful years, thriving during a time in which many e-tailers struggled mightily. In this episode, Drew joins Kevin to talk about the simple steps to take to double your online sales in just 12 months.