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  1. Episode Episode 139

    Listen and Learn 45: Running A Lightning Deal on Amazon

    Lightning Deals have been around on Amazon for several years, but they've been unavailable to 3rd party sellers, until very recently. In this episode, Kevin discusses how to find out if you qualify for a Lightning Deal, how to set one up, and the best practices for using Lightning Deals to grow your sales.

  2. Episode Episode 138

    Episode 138 Greg Mercer Split Testing Your Amazon Listing

    Split testing has been used for marketing and sales for decades, but has been for the most part unavailable for Amazon sellers, until now. Join Kevin and Greg Mercer as they dive deep into split testing your Amazon listing, and the BIG difference small changes can make.

  3. Episode Episode 137

    Listen and Learn 44: You Don't Have to Sell to Serve

    When you think about serving your customers, what comes to mind? Selling a quality product? Providing exceptional customer service? In this episode, Kevin talks about other ways to serve your customers, your community and beyond.

  4. Episode Episode 136

    Episode 136 Teresa Smolnski - Cancer Survivor Uses Family and Perseverance to Fuel Private Label Business

    Teresa Smolinski "stumbled" into e-commerce when her daughters began asking for a specialty sporting goods item. After surviving cancer and turning their young business into a family affair, this mother of two went on to build an incredibly successful private label empire. Hear her story on today's Private Label Podcast.

  5. Episode Episode 135

    Listen and Learn 43: A New Type of Hijacker?

    In the past week, hundreds of sellers have reported Amazon.com as a seller on their listing, when they hadn't sold any product directly to the e-commerce giant. Just before recording this episode, one of Kevin's listings had this very problem. There are multiple theories as to why this may be occurring. Kevin shares his thoughts in this episode of Private Label Podcast.