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  1. Episode 200

    Episode 200 Meet the 12 Year Old Entrepreneur Gunning for Your Private Label Business

    Braeden Hogan may only be 12, but he's a generation ahead of most people when it comes to mindset and drive. I recently sat down with this inspiring young entrepreneur on a trip to Yiwu, China to talk about his budding private label business.

  2. Episode Listen & Learn 75

    Listen & Learn 75 My Amazon Product Suspension Story

    On this episode, Kevin shares the story of recently having a product suspended by Amazon and how he dealt with the situation--at first unsuccessfully and then to resolution with the help of the professionals at Cascadia Seller Solutions.

  3. Episode 198

    Episode 198 Taking Your Business AND Yourself Overseas - with Internationalization Architect Stephen Petith

    Taking your business overseas is all the rage right now, and there are plenty of reasons to consider it. There is also a wave of entrepreneurs choosing to relocate overseas for a variety of reasons. Join Kevin as he talks with internationalization expert and architect Stephen Petith to explore the possibilities that abound with becoming an Ex-Pat!

  4. Episode Listen & Learn 74

    Listen & Learn 74 5 Ways to Increase Your Funding for Your Private Label Business

    If you're looking for funding to grow your physical products business: listen up! On this episode, Kevin shares 5 simple tips to increase the likelihood of landing the funding you need. BONUS: Kevin shares his favorite two sources for funding for private label entrepreneurs.

  5. Episode 196

    Episode 196 Lessons from International Seller and Private Label Journey Founder Thomas Albiez

    Meet Thomas Albiez, a podcaster with a huge following in Europe, who sells in the US. If this sounds intriguing, it is. Find out the story behind his success, along with lessons from interviewing some of the most successful sellers in the world, on today's episode. Plus, enter to win 2 FREE tickets to Private Label Days conference in Bonn, Germany in June, where Kevin will be a featured speaker.